Our top 10 destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022

The end of the year is almost here and you want to know where to spend New Year’s Eve 2022? Great news, we share with you our top 10 destinations to celebrate the New Year 2022! Between destinations in Europe or the rest of the world, there is something for everyone.

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Europe is one of the most popular continents to celebrate the New Year. In most countries, at least one city stands out, making it a popular destination to celebrate the new year. We’ve kept some classics and some surprises for you on this list.

Poland – Krakow

You might not think of it first, but Central Europe’s largest city is one of the best destinations in Europe to celebrate the New Year. As a romantic destination, you can decide to spend New Years for two in Krakow, or enjoy a festive evening, as the city is also known for the quality of its nightlife.

 Portugal – Lisbon

Portugal is a very popular tourist destination recently. The nation’s capital didn’t escape the list of the best New Year’s destinations for 2022! Lisbon is Europe’s budget travel destination, and it’s festive all year round. A big feature of the city on New Year’s Eve is the organization of fireworks displays on the banks of the Tagus River that runs through the city. You can then spend the rest of the evening savoring delicious Portuguese specialties, ending at one of the city’s famous clubs.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam, one of the best places in Europe to ring in the New Year, offers a variety of activities to suit your tastes.

The city is one of the most well-known in Europe due to the variety of things to do, including exploring the city, taking a boat ride along one of the many gorgeous canals, or dining at one of the many unique bars and restaurants.

It comes as no surprise that the city hosts a sizable fireworks display on New Year’s Eve, which you can view from the Magere Brug.

Go to the Oosterdok or the red light district if you enjoy a joyful environment.

Budapest, Hungary

Are you looking for a unique place to spend New Year’s Day?

Greetings from Budapest.

A very diverse city, Budapest offers both the choice of a romantic New Year’s Eve spent dining at one of the city’s many restaurants and pubs and watching the fireworks from a barge, or, on the other hand, choosing to party at one of the city’s many clubs.

Hungary is certainly one of our top 10 budget-friendly places to ring in the new year.

Berlin, Germany

Going to the city that never sleeps is the ideal way to ring in the new year.

Berlin is known for being a party city and a haven for revelers.

Your finest New Year’s Eve celebrations will be held here!

This must-visit location for the year’s end festivities will provide you experiences you won’t have anywhere else.

If you like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends, a joyful environment, and lots of fireworks, this location is to be chosen!

Prague, Czech Republic

The most romantic city in Europe, after Venice in Italy, is reputedly the capital of the Czech Republic.

Visit Prague to take in its Baroque architecture, a style from the Renaissance, if you wish to spend New Year’s Eve as a pair in a warm and romantic setting.

The Charles Bridge is the most romantic location in the city to see the fireworks on New Year’s Day in Prague, according to aficionados of romantic ambiances.

locations for the New Year throughout the globe

Do you wish to spend New Year’s Eve this year somewhere sunny or unusual to celebrate New Year’s Day?

We’ve also compiled a list of the top locations worldwide where you may enjoy this year’s end party in style!

New York, USA

How could the top ten places to celebrate New Year’s Day not include the legendary New Year’s Day tradition in New York?

The most famous east coast city in the United States ensures that you will have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve despite the longer travel distance and higher cost compared to New Year’s Day in Europe.

Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square with over a million other people to fully experience the occasion and witness the largest walkabout of your life!

Marrakech, Morocco

Do you wish to spend New Year’s Eve someplace novel and unusual?

It may be an excellent idea to spend New Year’s Eve in Marrakech.

The city, which is known for its sunshine, is also well-known for its diverse nightlife.

You can eat a delectable oriental dinner before seeing the city’s festive areas.

It is a budget-friendly New Year’s Day destination because numerous low-cost airlines arrange flights from France to Morocco at very appealing rates.

Phuket — Bangkok

Do you want to spend an isolated day of the year somewhere where it’s hot and sunny?

Bangkok, often known as the “Follow City,” is a must-see location!

If you’re planning a trip to Asia around the end of the year, take advantage of it to celebrate the holiday in Bangkok, which is renowned worldwide for its vibrancy and wild celebrations!

You can then have a freshly roasted cocoa nib while the first day of the new year begins in the sunshine.

Sydney, Australia

Our list of the top 10 places to spend New Year’s Day is here, starting with the most remote location.

The Australian city hosts a spectacular New Year’s Day, complete with beach barbecues and late-night revelry.

If you want to use the end of the year to go on a long trip, we advise Australia to spend an unusual and unforgettable New Year’s Day surrounded by the beach, sun, and coconut trees. This can make you dream and completely change locations where celebrate New Year’s Day typically, which is rather cold and snowy.

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