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The 10 most beautiful cities in Portugal

Since a few years ago, Portugal has been drawing more and more tourists.
A very alluring location as a result of its cultural diversity, diverse landscapes, and easygoing lifestyle.
Discover our list of Portugal’s ten most beautiful cities.

The capital Lisbon.

If you’re looking for a somewhere to vacation, the Portuguese capital will not disappoint.

Known as the “city of the seven hills,” Lisbon boasts a number of advantages, including a prime location on the coast, exceptional cultural diversity, charming little streets that are ideal for photographs, and a rich and varied gastronomy.
Give yourself some time to enjoy a Pasteis de Nata, a staple of Portuguese pastries.
Both families and young travelers have expressed their opinions publicly,

Porto and its tasting rooms

A stroll along the Douro River’s banks will be enough to persuade you that Porto is an attractive city.
Even if you’ve been to Lisbon’s renowned Bertrand Library, take some time to wander through Porto’s stunning Lello Library, one of the world’s finest.
However, Porto is also known as the “City of Food,” so in addition to visiting the city’s caverns and sampling its regional specialties, you will be thoroughly satisfied.

Sintra : Accessible from Lisbon

One day is insufficient to fully discover all of Sintra’s wonders because it is a special city that deserves to be visited.
Included in the must-see attractions are the magnificent Palais de Pena, the intriguing Château des Maures, and unquestionably the Palais de la Regaleira.
Excellent news if you’re short on time, getting away is simple by train departing from Lisbon.

Azenhas do Mar, a small fishing community

A charming little seaside town in the municipality of Sintra is Azenhas do Mar.
You can experience the ease of Portuguese life in this beautiful fishing community built on top of a falaise just 40 minutes from Lisbon.
The ocean view is breathtaking, and the small eateries serving local specialties are unforgettable.

Evora, a medieval city

Your assumption that you had seen everything after visiting Lisbon and Sintra was incorrect.
The “ville-musée,” which is located 1 hour and 30 minutes from the capital, is a magnificent medieval city that has been exquisitely preserved.
The beauty of Evora’s streets permeates every inch of the city, and there are countless opportunities for visits thanks to the city’s designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Don’t forget about the Evora Cathedral, the Roman Temple, the Ossuary, as well as the city’s stunning Museum.

Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice

Aveiro, also known as the Portuguese Venice, is a lovely beach town 70 kilometers south of Porto.
Aveiro is the ideal destination for a relaxing day thanks to its azulejo-covered buildings, Portuguese-style tiled roofs, numerous canals, and waterfront cafés.

Tavira with its colorful little houses

Tavira is a charming small town in the Algarve that is situated along the Gilo River.
The historic city invites relaxation with its lovely colored homes or homes covered in azulejos.
Among the must-see attractions while visiting Tavira are the Roman Bridge, the Old Fort, as well as the incredibly beautiful Public Gardens.

Guimares, included as part of the UNESCO World Heritage List

The city of Guimares, which is located a hundred miles to the north of Porto, is one of the most significant in Portuguese history.
The first king of the country, Alphonse Henriques, was actually born here.
His historical center is listed as part of the Unesco World Heritage List, and his cultural heritage is exceptionally rich.
Don’t forget to see the Guimares Castle, the Ducal Palace, and Nossa Senhora da Oliveira Church.

Obidos, a fortified village

Would you like to escape the hectic Lisbon for a short, relaxing adventure?
Then head in the direction of Obidos, which is an hour’s drive from the city. This incredibly beautiful village is surrounded by fortifications and is off-limits to cars, making it the perfect place to stroll and enjoy its picturesque appeal.
Don’t forget to climb up the Obidos Tour to enjoy an unparalleled view of the surroundings.

Braga, la portuguesa de Roma

Braga is the third city in Portugal and was founded by the Romani people more than 2000 years ago.
She offers a wide variety of tour options, and her historical center is among the best in the nation.
The religious enthusiasts will be delighted because Braga has so many churches that it is known as Portuguese Rome.
Visits to not miss include the Sanctuario do Bom Jesus do Mont, the Sé de Braga Cathedral, the Santa Barbara Garden, the Palácio do Raio, and the Tibés Monastery.


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