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Why travel to Coimbra?



The former capital of Portugal, Coimbra, is a riverside city with a well-preserved medieval old town and a historic university.
The university, built on the site of an old palace, is renowned for its baroque library, the Biblioteca Joanina, and its nineteenth-century gate.
The XII century Sé Velha Romanesque Cathedral is located in the Old Town.

His university, one of the oldest in the world, is well-known there and is responsible for this town’s reputation.

She was built in 1290 and moved to an old royal palace in 1540. She is being used today by tourists and Portuguese university students.

The Best Time to Visit Coimbra

The first week of May is the best time to visit Coimbra, as the weather is mild and sunny, and the city is at its liveliest. That’s when the “Burning of the Ribbons” festivities take place, marking the end of the academic year. University graduates ceremoniously burn their gowns and ribbons, and male students sing fado on the streets, as a farewell to their student life. Naturally, this is also the time for student parties, with lots of revelry by the river.
The city is quieter in the summer, when the students are gone. They’re back in September, which is also a great time to visit, as the weather is pleasant and the city reawakens.

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